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Article: Styling Tips For Women's Summer Outfits

summer outfits

Styling Tips For Women's Summer Outfits

Unlike previous seasons where you can simply choose your wardrobe based on the current trend, the summer wardrobe requires more effort to choose because the heat has a direct impact on your desire to dress appropriately.

The Jeem shows you how to dress for summer and shows you how to maximize in the most classic and stylish ways. Additionally, you can be confident that it will always be in trend with your summer attire.

Something more visually arresting than your typical choices should be part of your ideal summer outfit. The overall fashion selections will be significantly impacted by the warmer and more humid weather. 

You'll need to curate your summer wardrobe carefully. 


Selection For Loose Silhouettes

Selecting looser shapes can still be stylish and feminine without hugging the body too tightly and producing too much heat.

Consider breezy puff sleeves, gowns, and tiered dresses—certainly the most stylish summertime alternatives. 

Investing in a flowy kaftan that can be dressed down during the day and tightened up with a belt at night is a summer wardrobe must.

Choose Light Colors For Dresses

Light colors layered over dark colors are typically the finest choice for summer clothing. Ultra-feminine light blues, pinks, and pastels may be used in the spring and summer to create a contrast with your autumn/winter capsule.

Jeem provides us with classic summer pieces, such as lawn salwar kameez and frocks will be coveted since they look well from day to night with just a little accessory switching. 

Balance Your Outfit

As the weather increases, short-sleeved shirts and kurtas become popular. 

A piece of universal style advice is to balance your ensemble; decide whether to pair a sleeveless shirt with palazzo pants or a tight Capri with a long shirt. 

Make sure that your ensemble stays stylish and highlights your finest attributes rather than showcasing everything at once. 

Accessorise with a hat

One of the finest purchases you can make for your summertime wardrobe is a wide-brimmed hat since they are always in trend. 

A straw hat in white or beige with a contrast band can quickly complete and elevate your outfit when paired with basic stripes or a tiered summer dress. 

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes

In your attempt to avoid losing your cool when summer arrives, you should wear light and loose clothing

I would also avoid tight clothes such as skinny jeans, fitted dresses, skin-tight skirts, figure-hugging tops, or any other clothes that will make me feel restricted in any way.

Invest In Better Activewear

Technical textiles normally provide for rapid water evaporation and for being functional, they are fitted; not good for hot weather. 

If you are pursuing athleisure, do not wear the bright shades of red, blue, and other colors and cycling shorts and sports bras instead of black leggings and a grey hoodie.

Choose Breathable Fabrics

When purchasing clothing for summer, opting for breathable natural materials and loose styles should become essentials. With an emphasis on wearability, longevity, and timelessness, 

The clothing in the High Summer '20 Collection is made entirely of cotton. linens and bamboo. Known for its superior moisture-wicking capabilities, natural materials will become a go-to year after year.

Color Pop with Print

Adding color pop to your summer ensemble is a sophisticated approach to lighten it. With good reason, color popping has become one of the most prominent trends in recent years. A flash of color gives your ensemble a more deliberate and well-thought-out appearance. Wearing flowery designs in pastel or vibrant colors is ideal for the summer.

Wearing prints has the added benefit of giving you more alternatives for how to match the design. For instance, a blue and neutral-toned floral print looks well with jeans for a weekend get-up or with a tonal pencil skirt or slacks for the workplace.

Wearing clothing that exposes more skin to help you stay comfortable is part of staying cool. To shield exposed skin from the sun's rays, always wear sunscreen.
When you take measures, you may enjoy lighter clothes and look attractive without worrying about the long-term repercussions of sun exposure.

For anyone in need of style guidance or motivation for the upcoming warmer months, we consulted with leading stylists who shared their favorite clothing, footwear, and accessories to wear this season.

If you're not into bright colors, you can always go with a pastel. "Pastels like baby blue, lavender, pink, and sage green are great colors to tie into your summer wardrobe.

Here are some of the styling tips that can be designed with Jeem's summer clothes.

Floral hand - block printed palazzos with a lace hem and sleeveless top

One of Jeem most favorite summertime outfits when we want to remain cool is the simple ethnic dress. When choosing ethnic summer clothing for your closet, two distinguishing features to take into account are breathable fabrics and airy styles.

Lightly printed boatneck kurta with cotton sharara & dupatta

Though this stunning ethnic costume perfectly captures the fuss-free, trendy summer we all desire, we also want it to be fashionable. This outfit is ideal for all the parties you have to attend during the hot summer months.

Embroidered gherdaar kurta with straight pants 

Your quest for a stunning ethnic costume for the workplace is over if you've been looking somewhere else. We love this breezy mustard ensemble, which draws attention to a basic pair of cropped straight-leg pants and a Gherdaar kurta with slightly flared quarter sleeves. Give up wearing the covering and style your hair neatly for the summertime.

Hand-block print angrakha with cropped wide pants 

If you're tired of the typical kurta cuts, angrakha is always a classy alternative for women's ethnic clothing. Vibrant hand-block patterns of flowers and a bright pink border encircling the wrap-over neckline are seen. The dainty Doris dangling off the hem and the ruched sleeves are more details we adore.

Multicolor kalamkari front-slit kurta with pleats & tailored pants 

Another option is to adopt a summertime office ensemble that is effortlessly stylish. We are infatuated with this kurta's high front slit and its new pleats. This style may be finished with some silver jhumkis and fitted pants.

While following all these styling tips and tricks we can make our summers more classic and more stylish and cooler at the same time.

Jeem has given its customers a proper collection of summer casuals and formals, with no side hustles to be done, where we can style and have fun wearing cooler and eye-catching light colors.

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