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Article: Fashionable in Traditional Wear

Fashionable in Traditional Wear

Fashionable in Traditional Wear

The shifty yet refined form of the shalwar kameez has made it a mainstay of South Asian fashion for many years. This timeless ensemble's designs change with fashion. We may anticipate a blend of contemporary and traditional design elements, creative cutting, and eye-catching hues in 2024.

The most popular traditional Asian garment, the salwar kameez, perfectly combines traditional and contemporary styles. Here are some style tips for wearing a salwar kameez.

Play Around and Try Different Things

When it comes to fashion, women usually don't take the salwar kameez into account. However, the salwar can drastically change your appearance and make you look just as beautiful as any other garment.

Wearing a baggy Patiala salwar, for example, will make you appear shorter if you have a petite frame. On the other hand, the Patiala salwar would look stunning paired with heels. 

Kameez with Dupatta and Contrast Sharara

There's no better choice for a distinctive appearance for a special occasion than the Sharara. In the world of fashion, sharara is already highly sought-after, and most Asian women adopt this look. 

Consequently, the exotic and elegant statement has brought these ethnic mix-match designs to a global appeal. You can avail all these high-end fashionable shalwar kameez designs for ladies from FPLounge.

Try The Cape Top and The Ancient Palazzo

A cape and palazzo combo is a great choice for the sangeet event and might look fantastic. For a stylish yet rustic style, opt for an ancient palazzo with a cape top. Accessorize with contemporary jewelry and Jootis.

Salwar Suit and Jacket Together

Another style that seems to be gaining traction is wearing a salwar suit with a jacket to give off a bohemian impression while yet staying slightly outside of the norm. Just like Hania Amir wore in many of her dramas.

Add a chic dupatta and bold jewelry to complete the ensemble. This is a really classy and understated technique that gives your old salwar suit a fresh look. 

Using A Waistcoat In Layers

A waistcoat is an ideal complement to clothing when you want to add a layer. It not only completes the ensemble but also draws attention away from your upper body and towards your waist.

Contrasting Hues

Choose contrasting hues for your Shalwar Kameez for females if your goal is to project a broader body image. Try out some pastel-colored shirts and wear them with a white shalwar.

Make A Statement With Its Grace

Over time, there have been numerous modifications to the salwar kameez, many of which have become classics and trends. 

Even if there are many beautiful salwar kameez options available online for a variety of events, there is still more you can do to enhance the appearance of your ensemble.

Here's what you can do with this ensemble to become the next big thing, from accessorizing you shalwar kameez to adding stylish accessories!


This Season's Trendy Kameez Styles to Wear

The kameez, a tunic worn with a salwar suit, has undergone several changes to become the sophisticated garment that it is today. You may discover a salwar kameez in any style to find something you would love to show off, from experimenting with the sleeves to styling it.

Kameez Tube: The tube Kameez has gained popularity among people who enjoy off-shoulders and tubes, much like tube tops. These are the kinds of clothes that hug your body and cling to the ideal places to accentuate your curves.

One fantastic thing about kameez and tube tops?

You won't be completely scrutinized if you wear it in any direction!

Ponchos: Another item of clothing that is worn in a variety of ways nowadays is the poncho. This specific ensemble, which was initially chosen as a strategy to ward off the cold, is now quite popular for all the right reasons.

Primarily worn as clothing in the winter, one can customize their appearance by utilizing various fabrics that are cozy enough to wear in the summer as well. Wearing a poncho-style kameez can make you much more appealing to others and enhance your attractiveness.

Front Cutouts: The well-known front slit is another fantastic fashion trend that has gone global. This floor-length kameez features a wide slit that runs from the waist down. It can be worn with a salwar, palazzo, cigarette trousers, or with bottoms that are now considered fashionable in place of salwars.

Jackets that reach the floor: Jackets are a common addition to Indian apparel for both men and women, and when worn correctly, they make a great accessory.

On the other hand, the newest fashion is donning a floor-length jacket! To make the ensemble seem even more put together, wear a floor-length jacket over a crop top or tube top that you combine with your salwar or bottom.

Backless T - shirts: Try wearing a backless tunic as an alternative to wearing a basic tunic with your pants. You can always choose to have strings in the back if you don't feel comfortable wearing something entirely backless.

Sheer Capes with Crop Tops: Not only are crop tops popular for Western wear, but they also look great with lehengas worn in place of blouses. Given how many ways the classic salwar kameez is being altered, it seems only fitting that the crop top would also be included in this ensemble.

The trend of wearing a crop top with a salwar instead of a kameez has recently gained popularity and is undoubtedly taking center stage. You may make it an ensemble suited for the catwalk by adding a sheer cape.

Tops that are off the shoulder: An off-the-shoulder top is a variation of the tube top that merely has sleeves. For people who enjoy showing off their features, these are ideal. And flawless shoulders are undoubtedly meant to be appropriately flaunted!

With whatever type of bottom you choose to wear, these kameez styles are all guaranteed to be popular. And we wholeheartedly endorse attempting something different to establish your style!

Dupatta Draping Styles to Flaunt with your Lovely Salwar: Dupattas are worn as a sign of humility and are also referred to by regional names such as chunnis, odhni, and others that are exclusive to Southern Asia.

The clothing is commonly worn with different Indian garments, though it is typically paired with a salwar kameez. These are perfectly crafted, long pieces that may be draped in many ways to enhance the appearance of the ensemble.

Wrapped Around the Neck: The most popular way to wear a dupatta is to drape it around your neck in a single or double loop; this looks stylish and sophisticated.

Elbow drapes: A dupatta worn with a lehenga that is wrapped around from the back with the ends hanging loosely from across the elbows is another style that has gained popularity over time thanks to Bollywood beauties sporting it in previous films.

Even with salwar kameez, this dupatta draping style gained popularity over time and is now a standard sight at most occasions attended.

Draped Over One Shoulder: One option is to drape the dupatta on one shoulder instead of both, so you can show off any beautiful embroidery or design that adorns the front of your kameez. In this manner, you can even show off a striking back pattern or a distinctive neck pattern.

Anchored to each shoulder: You might go for the simple look of draping the dupatta over both shoulders if you like that style. This stylish yet understated ensemble is ideal for any occasion, particularly if the dupatta has exquisite embroidery. For this appearance, when the lace is displayed when draped over both shoulders, dupattas with exquisite lace edging are perfect.

Draped over Shoulder Across to the Other Elbow: Another way to style your dupatta for a basic look is to drape it over one shoulder and pull the loose end all the way from the back to the other elbow. When draped in this way, dupattas with tassels or printed dupattas would look amazing.

Open and Pinned: This particular dupatta style, which is a spin on the two-shoulder drape, involves pinning or draping it across both shoulders and letting it fall open, as opposed to scrunching it up. This is ideal for showing off the patterns on your dupatta. One such item of clothing that is frequently worn in this way is the phulkaari dupatta.

Draped and Gathered over a Shoulder: In addition to wearing the dupatta spread open or scrunched up, you can also pleat it. But it would only look nice like this draped over one shoulder. Folding starchy, rigid textiles like cotton into pleats instead of just draping them as a crumpled mess looks more tidier.Concealed in a Poetic Maneuver.

A stylish and original method to wear a dupatta is to drape it across your back, wrap one end around your front and to your other shoulder, and then repeat the motion with the other end.

This is a classic look from bygone eras when poets wore their shawls in this way, exuding an entirely different kind of charm. If you stylishly tie your dupatta, you can always repeat the look with your salwar kameez.

Put on Similar to a Cape: A cape is loved by all. And why not stop yourself if you have the opportunity to show one off as a component of your outfit? A dupatta can be draped to resemble a cape by fastening it to your shoulders from behind and letting it hang loosely.

Depending on the kind of material you choose and the pattern, design, and embroidery on it, you can choose the draping style and even flaunt designs with your cape styled dupatta.

You can attempt several dupatta styles with your salwar kameez that can help you make a great first impression, with so many to select from and plenty more to create yourself.

How to Add Bling to your Salwar Kameez

Cocktail Rings
Lac Bangles
Statement Jewelry

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