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Article: Fusion of Retro Trends in Modern Wardrobe

Trends in Modern Wardrobe

Fusion of Retro Trends in Modern Wardrobe

Many people are afraid that adding items from past eras to their current outfit would make them appear out of date or excessively costume-like.

But this summer it's gaining popularity and you can easily add your old pieces into new looks to ace summer fashion trends.To assist you in learning how to stylishly incorporate antique clothing into your wardrobe, we've put up a blog.

Consider Alternative Approaches

To get the most of your next trip thrifting, you need to be resourceful when it comes to vintage clothes. You must keep updating your knowledge through social media or our Jeem store to know what to wear.

You must try the latest dresses with vintage hairstyle and makeup, our festive dresses are a perfect fit for these kinds of looks.

You may use colour combinations such as matching a piece of old white apparel with a blue or red tint. A striking colour contrast might give off an air of revolution.

Combine The Old With The New

Mixing and matching old pieces with contemporary pieces is one of the simplest ways to add them to your wardrobe. Jeem has recently launched its new wardrobe of luxury pret dresses for women, in which they have added heavy occasional dresses. You can easily make out with any of that outfit with a classical hair bun and vintage clutches.

Another simple approach to appear stylish and carefree is to pair loose pants with a classic shirt.

First, decide on your go-to pair of vintage jeans that fall loosely on your legs but fit tightly around your waist and hips.

Pair them with a shirt that has a nostalgic vibe and is composed of airy, light materials like silk or linen.
Another excellent option is nylon.

To get a figure-flattering effect, tuck the blouse in at the waist. Then, finish the ensemble with statement earrings and a thin belt.

Put on some neutral-coloured sandals to complete the look for a carefree yet fashionable look.

One of the simplest ways to incorporate vintage pieces into your look is probably with shoes. Investing in a good pair of shoes from your favourite era may complete an ensemble.

Wearing a modern coat or jacket with a vintage dress is another method to combine old and modern clothing. This refreshes the dress's appearance while also adding a layer of cosiness.

The only restrictions on the variety of looks you may create with old clothing are your

Decorative with Antique Items

Adding vintage elements to your wardrobe without overpowering your appearance is possible with accessories.

For instance, a plain modern dress may be made more elegant with the addition of an antique necklace or broach.

You will see many women's silk dresses decorated with braaches and light embroidery, they look so perfect and can be worn for a modern and decent look.
A contemporary garment may have a more retro feel and appearance by cinching it in with a vintage belt. A purse or a pair of vintage earrings may also provide some beauty to any ensemble.

The allure of retro clothes frequently resurfaces in modern trends due to the fashion industry's constant evolution.

The surprising resurgence of retro items, especially denim and cotton tunics, offers a contemporary twist on nostalgia. These classic items not only provide an ensemble a distinctive touch, but they also deftly blend in with both current and historical fashions.

Jean Tunics

Jeans tunics are the perfect combination of retro appeal and modern style. Denim tunics are a great base for styling and accessorising because of their sleekness or rustic appeal. Check out the distressed denim and dark-washed styles.

Cotton Shirts

Cotton tunics are a wardrobe need for modern fashionistas looking to combine classic and contemporary aspects since they are the epitome of comfort and sophistication.

These breathable, light-weight clothes are available in a variety of designs, from classic silhouettes to more contemporary updates.

Statement Sunglasses

Put on some sunglasses with a vintage vibe to make your eyewear stand out. If you want to capture the glamour of the 1950s, choose cat-eye frames or large aviators for a 1970s vibe.


Jewellery With A Retro Feel

Wear jewellery that has an old-world charm and is influenced by bygone styles to elevate your look.

Traditional Handbags

Select top-handle satchels or boxy purses, which have a structured shape and are reminiscent of classic clothing from the 1960s and 1970s. Look for upscale fabrics like suede or leather and traditional embellishments like gold hardware or contrasting stitching for a polished look.

Antique Headwear shawl

An antique scarf might add some flair and colour to your ensemble. You can choose very sophisticated shawls for women from jeem to accentuate your look.

Vintage Footwear

Put a retro twist on your look by dressing in shoes that take you back in time. Choose from classic styles that honour past fashion trends.

Antique Timepieces

Wear a vintage watch. Choose a sleek watch with a leather band and a straightforward face for a more sophisticated look.

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