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Article: Fashion Closet Essentials For Summer Season

Fashion Closet Essentials

Fashion Closet Essentials For Summer Season

Summers in Pakistan are known for their intense heat and colourful cultural events that strictly follow summer fashion trends.

Women must carefully choose their wardrobes to not only beat the heat but also to showcase the diverse range of Pakistani fashion as the temperature increases.

What Makes A Summer Wardrobe Essential?

A well-chosen summer wardrobe reflects comfort and personal style more than it does a simple assortment of garments. In a wardrobe you should have every piece that you can wear imagining every situation.

You must have office dresses, casual pants and shorts, night dresses, women's silk dresses for dinners, and kitchen wear because no matter how hot it is, no one is skipping any meal.

In Pakistan, where summers may be scorching, dressing stylishly and remaining cool requires careful selection of items.


In summer with this excruciating heat, one must wear airy fabric or vibrant hues to cool a bit off. In Pakistan there are hundreds of brands who offer variety and stock relevant to this season.


Even on the warmest days, the body remains cool and comfortable due to the permeable nature of the material.


Lawn cloth has long been a mainstay of Pakistani summer fashion because of its breezy and lightweight nature. You can also find men and womens festive dresses in the lawn to make occasions breathable too.


When it comes to the most popular and in-demand fabric trend of the season, chikankari is without a doubt it.

The spring and summer from 2022 to 2024 were all about adding chikankari in lawn collections and in kurtas as well.

It's hard to resist their collections, which showcase the finest in chikankari and laser cuts with floral appliques and embellishments.

With chicken kari and its exquisite trendy laser cuts women usually go for vests for women or long shawls for women to walk on streets.


Put on your killer stilettos for a family dinner, or add some glitter to spice up your appearance for a casual luncheon.


They're perfect for everyday wear, whether you're attending a laid-back party or doing errands, thanks to their loose fit and breathable fibres.

Print on print

Wearing a kurta shalwar or kurta trouser silhouette with lovely designs in adorable hues is the ideal approach to avoid the heat and make an outfit suitable for a laid-back day at work or college. This is also combined with Luxury Pret dresses for Women to make a decent yet attractive festive dress.


It has colourful flower embroidery and screen-printed dupattas in classic colours and are the perfect way to breathe new life into your outfit.

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