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Sustainable apparel is an essential answer to the current environmental issues, not merely a fad.

You may lessen these harmful impacts and promote a healthy planet by dressing sustainably. Sustainable fashion benefits the workers engaged in the production process as well as the environment. Focus on summer fashion trends that remain common and adjust your wardrobe according to that.

Through endorsing eco-friendly companies that value fair trade and moral production methods, you may contribute to the betterment of garment labourers worldwide.

Statistics on Sustainable Clothes

More carbon emissions from the garment business than from foreign travel and maritime freight put together (10%).

One cotton t-shirt requires around 2,700 litres of water to create, which is equal to the amount of water a person drinks in 2.5 years.

Just 15% of all apparel is donated or recycled; the remainder is burned or dumped in landfills.

An average individual discards eighty-one pounds of clothes annually.
Microplastics are released into the ocean during the creation of synthetic materials like polyester, which adds to the problem of plastic pollution.


  • Reduces Carbon-Footprint
  • Promotes Fair Wages and Working Conditions
  • Doesn’t Support Child Labour
  • Saves Animal Lives
  • Requires Less Water

How to Create A More Sustainable Wardrobes for Women

Making the switch to a more environmentally friendly wardrobe doesn't have to be difficult whether we talk about just apparels or bags or jewellery.

The following doable actions can help you create a more sustainable wardrobe:

Invest In Classic Items

Invest in classic pieces that will be in vogue for years to come rather than chasing after fads in fashion. For the purpose of creating a sustainable wardrobe, quality should come first.

Select Environmentally Friendly Textiles

Choose clothing composed of eco-friendly materials like bamboo, hemp, or organic cotton. If we look around, most of our needs are filled by these materials. Women silk dresses are also made of natural material but they are less likely to be used on long terms.

Encourage Eco-Friendly Brands

Seek certifications such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or Fair Trade to verify the authenticity of a brand's sustainability claims. Jeem is also a leading brand in Pakistan that is promoting sustainable fashion. It caters to you whether it comes to festive wear for women or casual dresses.

Purchase better, but less, goods

Though it may sound corny, the adage "buy less, buy better" is crucial when you take into account that an astounding $100 billion worth of clothing is manufactured annually worldwide.

Ask yourself these three crucial questions before making a purchase: "What are you buying, and why? Really, what do you need? Wear it at least thirty times?

Purchase Vintage and Used Goods

Not only will you locate unique things that no one else will possess, but you'll also prolong the life of these clothes and lessen the environmental effect of your wardrobe as a consequence. For example, when buying shawls for women, buy basic colours and you are good to go to match them with every other outfit.

Consider Renting

It's now simpler than ever to rent clothing for that summer wedding or BBQ rather than purchasing a new outfit.Specially Luxury Pret dresses for Women's are priced in thousands and it's quite common for women to not repeat. So renting would be a good alternative to these kinds of situations.

Observe How Uour Clothing Is Being Worn

If you want to reduce the environmental impact of your clothing and make sure it doesn't wind up in a landfill after only one or two wears, you need to extend the life of your clothes.

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