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Article: Sustainable Fashion in Pakistan: Eco-Friendly Brands You Need to Know

Sustainable Fashion in Pakistan: Eco-Friendly Brands You Need to Know

Sustainable Fashion in Pakistan: Eco-Friendly Brands You Need to Know

The pakistan fashion business has always been dominated by collections of seasonal ready-to-wear and wedding clothing.

These firms have paved their own routes for their brand identification and manufacturing method in response to the current shift in customer perceptions about ethical fashion practices around the globe.

Each of these companies has also reimagined what it means to be Pakistani in a world growing more interconnected, all the while pursuing sustainability in various ways.

Rapid Fashion's Effects on the Environment

Understanding how rapid fashion harms the environment is crucial before diving into sustainable fashion. Large volumes of textile waste and higher carbon emissions are the results of the quick and inexpensive manufacture of clothing. 

This has created serious environmental problems for Pakistan, a major textile-producing nation. 

Pakistan's Increasing Adoption of Sustainable Fashion

These environmentally aware efforts include using materials that are organic and biodegradable, encouraging fair labour practices, and using less water during production. One brand that is practising these and still maintained its spot in high fashion is Jeem

Customers can push the fashion industry to make more ecologically conscious decisions by supporting these businesses and by supporting we mean prioritising these brands over others. 


Fashion is a basic need, people like wearing trendy and fashionable clothes. They like visiting stores and keeping eyes on recent luxurious prets even when they don't need it.

By employing ethical manufacturing techniques and environmentally friendly materials like hemp and organic cotton, these trailblazers are driving change.
Sustainable fashion in Pakistan entails more than just upholding the rights of workers and treating them decently. It also entails prioritising their health and safety above everything else. 


One of Pakistan's most well-known fashion labels, Khaadi and Shamoon Sultan, referred to as Kreators,  gives women free access to designated areas at the Experience Hubs and Centers in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad in addition to receiving 100% of the sales contribution from their product line. They also endorse echo friendly practices.


Generation is renowned for using generations of artisans to create classic clothing. The brand's journey toward sustainability started naturally when it became apparent that finding high-quality yarns alone would not be sufficient.

Generation has integrated sustainable methods across the whole value chain, from sourcing to designing to manufacturing to marketing, in an effort to reduce its environmental effect. 

Rizwan Beyg

Rizwan Beyg, a Pakistani fashion legend and laureate of the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz award, has achieved significant progress in sustainability via its dedication to social responsibility and ethical manufacture.

The brand uses eco-friendly textiles to create its designs, which highlight traditional hand embroidery processes.

By providing skill development and job possibilities, Rizwan Beyg's relationships with NGOs seek to empower impoverished communities and demonstrate the brand's dedication to ethical production.

Utilising natural colours sourced from plants and other natural materials is another demonstration of the brand's commitment to sustainability.
In addition to producing brilliant colours, using natural dyes lowers the brand's carbon footprint. 

These brands of course do it at a cost and this all adds up in the main product, but you can always shop reasonable and fashionable clothing on Jeem, whether that be simple lawn dresses or bridal dresses or festive edits. Jeems got you covered from all corners, 

Adnan Amir

Amir Adnan, Pakistan's genuine maestro of menswear design, has experimented with sustainability in the past by developing repurposed clothing lines.

Reusing outdated materials to create a product that is more valuable or of greater quality than the original helps minimise the amount of clothing and textile waste.
This technique is known as upcycling.

Huma Adnan

In order to use indigenous crafts from around the world, Huma Adnan has worked closely with the UNHRC. In order to support the makers and the fabric, the business operates along sustainable fashion lines.

The company has collaborated with refugees from a variety of countries, including Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, and Sudan. These ladies make the majority of the handcrafted jewellery for the firm.


Sapphire launched its Weaving Green program with the intention of taking a firm stand against environmental degradation. The goal of this effort was to create a line of sustainable clothing that uses only recycled materials, ethical production techniques, and less water. 

The brand's six items, each with their unique specialisations, demonstrated its dedication to sustainability. You won't be able to buy bridal or formal dresses but still Sapphire is a good reasonable option to consider in day to day life. 

Zara Shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan, a well-known personality in Pakistani fashion, has gradually gained recognition for her traditional and ecological methods of producing garments.

Her new company, Jehan, seeks to refocus attention from production driven by trends to a more considerate and respectful attitude to the environment.

The designs preserve a contemporary and understated style while paying tribute to indigenous crafts and handwoven textiles.

The fine attention to detail that goes into each piece creates transeasonal essentials that are ideal for any well-curated wardrobe or home.

Many small brands have also started practising eco-friendly ways for production. We must appreciate all these brands and a mission to buy specifically from these brands. This whole plan will not only help us lower pollution but also the craze for senseless fashion.

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