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Article: Breaking Down the Latest Fashion, discovering What to Wear Now

Breaking Down the Latest Fashion, discovering What to Wear Now

Breaking Down the Latest Fashion, discovering What to Wear Now

A trend is a shift. It happens when a certain product, colour, pattern, material, shape, or style gains popularity over a given length of time.
And when we say a style is popular, we imply that most people embrace, copy, or reproduce it.

Pakistan's Newest Fashion Trends For 2024

The newest summer fashion trend in Pakistan for 2023–2024 is rapidly changing, just like it is everywhere else in the world.
There are parts of the world where fashion trends begin to diverge from what we consider to be in style.
We have put together a list of some of the next styles in Pakistani fashion to help you understand and stand out at the end of 2023 and 2024 fashion trends.

Bright and Vivid Outfits

The co-ords this season are far from boring. With a splash of pink, aqua blue, or ruby red, bid adieu to muted tone dressing and welcome the new power dressing trend for this season. Though you will have many articles at J. showing women silk dresses and co ords of silk.

Effortlessly stylish and traditionally elegant, these sleek pieces in striking hues evoke a self-assured attitude that is sure to elevate your springtime ensembles. 

Statement Jewellery

Elevate your style with sophisticated jewellery with a variety of adorned and glossy textures. The primary jewellery trend for 2024 is mixing metals; you can't go wrong with this universally flattering appearance, whether you decide to wear numerous earrings in the same ear or to clash your earrings with your necklace.
It's also a great way to refresh your style with items you currently own.

Wear our platinum-plated birthstone earrings to look stunning or accessorise with an exquisite multi-strand pearl necklace to look cocktail-ready.

Feline Heels

Get rid of your high heels (and, uh, blister plasters) and switch to Mary Janes or pointed court shoes. The trendiest money is on patent leather, which gives even the most basic of ensembles an immediate stylish upgrade. 

Floral Salwar/pants

Similar to previous years, floral designs will be prominent in 2024 fashion, thanks to the way Pakistani designers have designed and portrayed it.

Monochromatic style

Fashion lovers love the way that new designers have revived it, even if it was not generally accepted in the past. I've personally added it to my wardrobe, and I think 2024 will see it remain a popular trend in Pakistani design. You can either style it with a girly scarf or buy bigm shawls for women to cover up on streets. 

Soft Colours

The most popular colour option among Pakistani ladies is now pastel. Pastel hues are referred to as light colours because they have a little stronger white hue and they look absolutely bomb when used in luxury pret dresses for women.

Since Pakistan's weather has changed to one of increasing heat, like the rest of the world, Pakistani women have embraced pastel colours as a fashion trend since 2023 and have done so ever since. 

Kurtis with Embroidery

Pakistani women prefer to wear embroidered kurtis with jeans and tights; the hemline, sleeves, and neckline of the kurtis are the main areas where embroidery is used.

Embroidered kurtis look best on cotton, silk, and chiffon. 

Block Prints

Many Pakistani women adore this traditional attire, so Pakistani designers include block print prominently in each new collection.

The fabric is printed with geometric or floral designs, which enhance the fabric's beauty by creating a bump. The block print trend is expected to last until 2024.

Dye Techniques

Traditional textiles are being given new life by creative dye methods. Batik, ombre, and tie-dye are all making a big resurgence and giving traditional motifs a fun and vibrant touch.

The goal of this newest trend is to create items that are vivid and one-of-a-kind by playing with colour and design.

Digital Prints

These prints are renowned for their durability and ability to maintain colour saturation. It is anticipated that digital prints would keep growing in popularity in Pakistani fashion in 2023 and 2024.

The younger generation is the main consumer of these trends, which have been presented by several well-known fashion designers in creative ways using digital printing. 

Festive Outfits

Pakistani party attire or women festive dresses are renowned worldwide for its exquisite needlework, vibrant colours, and stylish designs.

Assigning a specific year to this area of fashion would be oversimplifying the diverse range of styles available in Pakistani clothing for weddings, festivals, and other occasions. 


It's anticipated that minimalist clothing will continue to be in style. Think basic shapes, muted colours, and clean lines. Fashion designers are still creating elegant yet subtle minimalist ensembles for ladies, with an emphasis on high-quality, classic items.

Conventional Revival

Angrakhas, ghararas, and other traditional Pakistani outfits are becoming more and more popular, but with a contemporary twist.

This style pays homage to Pakistan's rich cultural history while being firmly grounded in the present, giving a nostalgic touch to the past. 

If you're feeling very imaginative, these outfits may be exquisitely created with a modern touch, seamlessly fusing the old and the new.

Fusion Style

Fusion fashion emerged when Pakistani fashion welcomed the blending of Eastern and Western influences, reflecting the increasing interconnectedness of the world.

The idea behind this style is to experiment with diverse shapes, cuts, and designs to produce something fresh and modern while also pushing the boundaries of classic fashion. 

Visit our Jeem store for latest trendy outfits and best guidance on how to wear any dress in day to day life or luxury festivals. We have the best designers and consultants to guide you and set you for the whole year. 

Many unstitched ensembles blend digital print patterns influenced by Western designs with traditional prints. If you're trying to figure out how to wear a long shirt with jeans, these designs are ideal.

In the interim, confidence is crucial. Whatever you feel secure and in love with, don't worry about what's trendy. This will enable you to express your unique style and make a statement. Since you are free to decide what is best for you, you don't need to check and check again before leaving.

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