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Article: Accessorising Luxury Dresses for a Glamorous Look

Accessorising Luxury Dresses

Accessorising Luxury Dresses for a Glamorous Look

A person's jewellery selection may just as much identify them as their clothes. You will see the generational difference just by the choice of jewellery. Moreover, even if diamonds and gold never go out of style, there's an exhilarating quality to wearing striking, statement-making jewellery.

Even if they aren't made of expensive gold, a unique ring or a sparkling metallic choker may make even the most basic ensemble stand out. The best part is you can repeat it hundreds of times, and its material will never look too worn. In Pakistan, a jewellery fan can have affordable, stylish, and unique pieces with a little effort.
Here's a peek at all the distinctive, eye-catching ornaments that are now available—ideal for the holiday season and stylish enough to wear well into the future!

Customary jewellery items for ladies in Pakistan

Pakistani ladies have always loved traditional jewellery, which is a reflection of their cultural background. Bharat still aces in that part, but the Pakistani jewellery industry is also making remarkable stamping pieces. These artefacts have great significance in Pakistani society, and they are exquisite.


The jhumka is one example of a traditional item of jewellery. Jhumkas are elaborately crafted earrings, usually set in gold or silver and embellished with pearls and valuable stones. These are also called chandelier earrings because they look like the chandeliers on the ceiling and sparkle the same.

The only difference is that humans don't light up, well, not in 2024. Their intricate artistry and bell-shaped construction are well-known features. These can be worn with kurtas, peplums, traditional sarees, churidar shirts, cotton short shirts, anarkali dresses, and even with luxury pret dresses for women. Jhumkas give an air of refinement and grace to the wearer's attire and are frequently worn during weddings and other occasions.

Mang tika

The mang tikka is another traditional jewellery item with great cultural importance. Maang tikkas are statement pieces that elevate the wearer's entire appearance since they are typically embellished with pearls, valuable stones, and elaborate patterns. You can only wear these with women's festive dresses. These can't be worn in street fashion or Genz style.


Bangles, also called choori or karda, are circular metal or glass pieces that are worn on the wrists. These come in a variety of designs, colours, and patterns.
Women in Pakistan like wearing glass bangles as they make a very nice sound or even wear a simple kara to match the outfit. Some women enjoy wearing bracelets as they give a very feminine and mature look.

Again, these can be worn according to material and colour in almost every dress. You can style these with jeans and kurtas and also carry these with traditional dresses. People often avoid wearing accessories with women's silk dresses as it can ruin the silk material, devaluing it.

Essential Jewellery Items

Pakistani ladies appreciate wearing traditional jewels, but they also understand the beauty of everyday pieces that are versatile and easy to wear, considering summer fashion trends. Some simple everyday jewellery items are as follows:

Kundan Necklace

Kundan necklaces were mostly worn with traditional dresses, but now millennials have started pairing them with jeans or skirts and even wearing them on hijabs to make your look funky yet classical. These necklaces add great style and sophistication. The way these necklaces are styled will tell you a lot about the other person.


It's a matte vintage-style ring that is unisex. It has various designs and gives you a strong, traditional, yet typical look. You can't wear it with your festive wear dresses, but you can add 2 to 4 calls to your street-styled dresses.
People can mix and match or add valuable stones to it as well.

MoonCut Elegant Necklace Set

With a MoonCut Elegant Necklace Set, an ordinary ensemble becomes an attention-grabbing one in an instant. Choose patterns with a blend of pearls and precious stones, vivid hues, and dexterous artistry. To create a statement, pick a design with a striking gemstone or a complex pattern.

Bridal set

As the name says, it is the heaviest jewellery piece you see in bazaars. Usually consists of a tikka, earrings, and a necklace. One can select a pattern that embodies style and goes well with fine women's festive dridal dresses.

Keeping Accessories Safe

With the amount you spend to complete a wardrobe or valuable accessories, you must hang a note listing things to keep them safe as well. Here are some precautions to keep your jewellery shiny, neat, and long-lasting.

  • Keep your jewellery pieces in airtight plastic bags
  • Avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, or anything containing alcohol.
  • Have separate small packets to minimise breakage and scuffing.
  • Have it cleaned by professionals regularly
  • Keep it dry. Remove your jewellery while using water, Like washing hands, swimming, bathing, etc.

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