JEEM by Hamza Asghar Bokhari Presenting “Mizaaj” Collection at PLBW ’18

Explore the world of Jeem! The best of their collection “Mizaaj” will soon be showcased at the 3rd PFDC bridal fashion couture! Traditional dresses of Pakistan are a legacy of ancient civilizations, keeping the tradition in-tact Jeem has added more to the exquisiteness. Stirred by the magnificence of women in South Punjab their chirpy culture and expertise, the spur was stimulated more for Jeem from Bhawalpur and its’ surrounding areas for bridal wear.

The amalgamation of opulence and minimalistic designs. The floral poetry and animal motifs into the hyper feminine silhouettes in a palette of wintry jewel tones. The splendor of how they use zardozi, mirror work, all of this and more to add-on an additional glory as to what they wear.

Jeem has integrated the traditional outlines like andrakhas‘, is just one of them; is now worth a sight! It’s been embellished with contemporary modern cut lines, a beauty worth owning for your very own wardrobe of wedding dresses! Each dress has been given an in-detail thought as fashion is majesty, grace and modernism Jeem has produced a highly traditional yet a very sophisticated line that covers all aspects of fashion and tradition!

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  1. Fabulous and latest styles

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