Prêt and couture brand launches flagship outlet in Lahore

LAHORE: Women spent their weekends fashionably well in the city, post their visit to Jeem store launch on Thursday, organised and arranged by the creative team behind Savvy PR & Events.

The 30 percent off discount vouchers were utilised in full by all on the launch day, with luxury prêt selling like hot cakes. The USP of the brand is that it has very practical and wearable items on display, with a myriad of designs and stylish pieces put together for women of all ages.

From embroidered khaddar fabrics to loose/silk tops, begin your winter season with smart casual looks from Jeem’s newest store as well as dinner party outfits.

We saw less bolds and more subtle, vibrant shades at the launch. Some of our favourite outfits would have to be the digital print knee-length shirts with orange, brown and black being the dominant colours; inviting winter shades indeed! Other than those, light green organza tops with minimal embellishments surely caught our eye. However, it would have to be the satin and chiffon front open blouses, perfect for a semi-casual/semi formal event, that surely deserve a special mention. Priced at Rs 3,850, women couldn’t get enough of trying those out and demanding their fit.

“The Urdu letter jeem is used as a source of connectivity in calligraphy. We thought this also signifies relatability and we wanted the brand to instantly connect with shoppers. Hence, the name came about,” brand’s designer Hamza Bokhari said, while talking exclusively to Daily Times. “After Nauroz received such an astounding response from clientele shortly after Fashion Pakistan Week, we thought it was definitely the right time for us to have an outlet of our own.”

Hajra Taimur, the force behind Jeem, added, “We kept the prices affordable and focused on the quality of our clothes to begin with. Our prices for couture begin from Rs 110,000 onwards. Whereas our prêt line is priced at Rs 3,500 and above. But you will not find anything more than Rs 11,000 in our prêt line.”

The event launch was attended in full by people from the fashion and media industry.

“Jeem is a fun and a fashionable brand which is affordable too. Each piece tells a story and Jeem will definitely go a long way in our fashion industry,” Aamir Mazhar of Savvy PR said, also while talking exclusively to Daily Times.

Jeem’s new store is located at Emporium Mall’s second floor. You surely can’t miss it.

“Jeem in a very short span of time has made a prominent mark in the fashion industry. Hajra of FPL and Hamza Bokhari – the creative and talented designer, together bring new and innovative things on the table leaving you wanting more. It’s affordable and fabulous. Jeem is the future,” Rima Farid added.