Jeem by Hamza Bokhari Summer Collection at Daraz Fashion Week 2016-2017

Jeem by Hamza Bokhari Summer Collection at Daraz Fashion Week 2016-2017

It comes to new trends in fashion, Hamza Bukhari has always offered their creativity. Fully built, Daraz you excellent collection for Fashion Week 2016-2017 Greek silk, net and organza dresses, chic and glamor with which extreme experience, provides customized 3D embellishment.

An inspiration derived from the Greek collection, different traditions and a wonderful idea is to merge with fame. The style is your thing, then there is nothing that can keep you away from this charming collection Hamza Bokhari Pakistani fashion industry’s growing talent, he is already a sensation in the market under the name JEEM is designed with unique and remarkable collection. Their brand is sophisticated and chic designs that will make you stand out among the crowd included. Hamza sure their outfits all design services and high-quality fabrics and materials are made of makes. He believes that a JEEM women really, it does not follow current trends, but they are typical.

Jeem-by-Hamza-Bokhari-Summer-Collection-at-Daraz-Fashion-Week-2016-2017-1-440x550-150x150 Jeem-by-Hamza-Bokhari-Summer-Collection-at-Daraz-Fashion-Week-2016-2017-2-440x550-150x150 Jeem-by-Hamza-Bokhari-Summer-Collection-at-Daraz-Fashion-Week-2016-2017-3-440x550-150x150 Jeem-by-Hamza-Bokhari-Summer-Collection-at-Daraz-Fashion-Week-2016-2017-4-440x550-150x150 Jeem-by-Hamza-Bokhari-Summer-Collection-at-Daraz-Fashion-Week-2016-2017-5-440x550-150x150 Jeem-by-Hamza-Bokhari-Summer-Collection-at-Daraz-Fashion-Week-2016-2017-6-440x550-150x150 Jeem-by-Hamza-Bokhari-Summer-Collection-at-Daraz-Fashion-Week-2016-2017-7-440x550-150x150 Jeem-by-Hamza-Bokhari-Summer-Collection-at-Daraz-Fashion-Week-2016-2017-8-440x550-150x150 Jeem-by-Hamza-Bokhari-Summer-Collection-at-Daraz-Fashion-Week-2016-2017-9-440x550-150x150 Jeem-by-Hamza-Bokhari-Summer-Collection-at-Daraz-Fashion-Week-2016-2017-10-440x550-150x150

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